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 Hi everyone,

I've set up this website as a helper to anyone who wants to know more about free electric energy and is looking for free energy guides.

On the left hand side you will find honest free energy guide reviews by people who actually used the guide, and build their own solar panels and generators!

What you also will find in the menu are some more free electric energy related articles that I have written!


Let’s discover what a free energy guide is and how it can be used to generate free electricity.

With the economy still on its knees, everyone is tight gripped on money out there. We think twice before spending an extra dollar on even our most loved ice cream. But there is one area where we are simply allowing wallets to shrink – electricity bills. Better believe it.

Electricity is something that we all undoubtedly need to survive. A day without TV is nothing short of hell, isn’t it? But why is it that we don’t question the hundreds of dollars escaping from our wallets when we can generate our own energy? Now I am sure you are going to back to read that question twice. Yes- generating electricity from home absolutely free! How? Read on.

Keeping our monetary issues in light, I have put together a buncSolar panels roofh free energy guide books for all our beloved visitors. These guides are loaded with practical information you can use of to generate free electricity by tapping into the natural energy reservoirs that we have in nature; sun and wind.

Just what benefit will you reap from picking out a free energy guide from our collection? By saving the money that you would usually pay for electricity bills (which mounts to thousands of dollars a year), you could now put it to better use –buy jack a guitar that he has been yearning for the past two years, take Sandra to her favorite restaurant every week.

The benefits from my collection of free energy guide books do not stop here. By putting together solar panels and wind turbines as described in these guides, you could actually make the electricity meter turn the other way round; the excess electricity that you generate can now be sold to the electricity company. That means, instead of money going out of your wallet, there will be double the amount coming into it. Who else knows the blessing of extra, in a dead job market, better than you and I?

As human beings, we naturally should care about every environment as much as we care about anything else in life. We all know that global warming has begun showing its effects – can you forget the record snowfall this winter? Certainly not. Instead of burning fossil fuels and polluting mother earth, the time to generate clean energy, from the sun and wind, is NOW! Friends, we only have one habitable planet in the whole universe. And we CANNOT afford to lose it!

Each and every free energy guide that you will find here is written in layman’s language- No technical stuff, no jargon. The simplicity with which the text has been put together means even your 15 year old son can build a solar panel and a wind turbine all by himself. Mine did!

The world is in our hands!Energy is an issue that has, evidently, not only affected our incomes but also our environment. It is when you do something about it that others will follow. I hope the library of free energy guide manuals will help you make a difference in your income as well as support the betterment of our plant. For all those members out there who have suggestions of any other free energy related manuals which can benefit us as a community, please do let me know. I wish you success!