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Reviewer: Alex Carter
Rating:5 stars
Guide Reviewed: MagniWork

Magniwork free energy guide!“Free electricity for life!” “No more power bills” I’m sure you get regular emails like these flooding your inbox all the time right? So do I and I’m just about fed up with all of it but then I heard about a product called Magniwork.

At first I let it slide as just another spam mail, but then one day as I was switching television channels I heard the name mentioned on a news channel and how it helped a middle age family save a bunch of money. I still wasn’t exactly sold on the idea, I mean its not that difficult to buy some airtime on television nowadays is it? But it did get my curiosity up, so I went ahead and searched for it on the internet. And let me say what I found out really changed how I felt about magniwork.

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I mean unlike the millions of other so called “energy saving” products out there, this product requires nothing, to make use of magniwork you do not need to live in a city with a lot of sunshine or have a house where there’s a decent wind. All you have to do is buy the magniwork manual and build your generator.

So I figured what the hell, it only costs 49 bucks and plus if it’s getting such favorable reviews all over the internet and on television, then why not give it a try? At most I’ll waste 49 bucks but if it works out then I could very well save quadruple that amount.

And let me tell you folks, it turned out to be one of the better decisions I’ve made in my life. Magniwork produces energy by the polarity of polls attracting and repelling each other. Or in layman’s terms it produces energy by the repelling and attracting power found in magnets. Yup that’s right, magnets! Ingenious really, the magniwork manual teaches you how to build a magnetic generator in a just a few hours. I always hated DIY (do it yourself) kinda things but I was pleasantly surprised at just how easy it all was. So 2 hours and a 100 bucks later (100 bucks for the equipment costs) I had in front of me a non polluting, almost soundless, magnetic generator!

So I went on using it for about two months and was pleased with the results I got. Even though it didn’t reduce my energy bills by the 80% it promised it did still considerably bring my power bill down. In the two months that I’ve used it, it has practically paid its cost and I’ve had no problems whatsoever with it; it doesn’t make noise, it works in every weather condition and it’s non combustible. Okay okay I know what you may be thinking, that I’m just saying all that to sell the product right? But that’s not the case, as you may have guessed by now after reading this, I myself was skeptical about it at first and I’m only sharing this review with you guys after I’ve used it myself. I’m not one of those guys who review a product without using it first. I’m only doing this so that all those people out there who are worried about their inflated bills can try out a quality product and save some money.

All in all it’s a good product, ideal for all those middle income families out there.

PS They provide some great after sale service as well.

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