Free electric Energy Guide 
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Before I venture into the topic, free electric energy guide, I would like to give all our newbies a little bit of an introduction.

Let’s face it: free electric energy is no longer a myth. It is a possibility from which each and every one of us can greatly benefit. Free energy has been available for as long as mankind has existed; we just hadn’t developed the tools to utilize this energy. With the advent of technology, today, the much desired dream of running a house on free electricity has now become a reality.

“Ok, how?” You may ask. Before I answer the ‘how’ part, let’s discuss the ‘what’ part; what resources can you use to generate free electric energy? Logically speaking, all the energy that we generate is actually free after the initial investment. Take for example hydro electricity; after the installation of turbines on a fast flowing river, every watt of power generated is absolutely free. Do we pay the river for flowing the way it does? Of course not. The same applies to coal and uranium. After setting up the plant, everything that we extract is free.

From the point of view of a house owner, making such substantial investments is certainly out of the question. What we need is something tailor made that is small enough to be fitted within the house. This is when solar panels and wind turbines come to the rescue. These make use of the sun and wind respectively.

In order turn the sunlight into electricity, we need solar panels. These panels are readily available for between $2000 to $6000 per piece. They can be installed on your rooftop so that the sun directly shines on them giving you free electricity.

You also have the option of using wind turbines to get free electricity for your house. Set one up on your terrace or balcony and you are good to go. Wind turbines vary greatly in prices due to a large variety of sizes they are available in- starting from a few hundred dollars to over $4000.

Such hefty costs surely do seem out of reach of those who desperately need free electricity. Wages are falling and making the ends meet has become a heck of task. It is for this reason I have found a solution for all our readers out there. Instead of buying these ready made solar panels and wind turbines, you can actually build them up for yourself at home using my free electric energy guide collection.

Ready made devices are usually expensive because of the cost of research and development that was invested in coming up with those products. Picking a free electric energy guide from my library, you can surely escape these high profit margins!

After a lot of research, I have managed to put together a bunch of guides that we all can use to generate free electricity. There were three factors that I took into account to decide which free electric energy guide was the best;

Clarity of Instructions: I knew many of my readers are not very tech-savvy; therefore, it was important for me to pay close attention to the type of language used. Technical language and jargons were a no-go zone for me.

Illustrations: I strongly believe in the saying ‘pictures speak a thousand words’. Every free electric energy guide present in my collection has vivid illustrations to supplement the written instructions.

Validity and Applicability: I hate bogus instructions as much as you do. To ensure that the information in each book was valid, I read it from cover to cover and put the instructions into use to ensure that they yield results.

These three criteria were strictly adhered to so that all of my friends looking for a free electric energy guide got the crème de la crème of books. Which are these guides exactly? Well there are 5 of them;

These five guides, in my judgment, are the best ones out there. I am sure they will help you cut down on your electricity bills. In case you get stuck somewhere, you can always drop me a message. Wishing you success!