Save On Electricity - How To Save On Electric Bills

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Here, we continue with the ways to save on electric bills.

Don’t allow air to escape; Cold air is very expensive and allow it to escape is very much like adding wings to your hundred dollar bills. Spend a few bucks on caulk to seal up window and frames. The more energy leaves your house, the harder your air conditioner will have to work. This translates to humongous electricity bills.

Get rid of incandescent light bulbs: This is the most common step taken by many households to save on electric energy and consequently bills. For every 100 watt traditional bulb that you replace with a 25 watt energy saving (CFL) bulb, you save approximately 30 dollars per year. Also CFL bulbs produce less heat hence the cool air within your room will be negligibly affected.

Use Blinds: If sunlight enters a room directly, the room is bound to heat up. By using blinds, you won’t have to turn on the air conditioner that often.

Fans: Fans can help you stay cool without chewing up huge chunks of electric energy. Of course they won’t decrease the room temperature to 16 degree Celsius, but they will certainly skim off a few degrees of the temperature outside.

Wires: Wires are what allow electricity to travel to appliances. Old wires tend to develop resistance to movement of electricity resulting in wastage of energy. Wires of the iron, microwaves and computers should be closely looked at. Do not ignore any signs of aging. Replace them. Not only will you save on electric energy, it is also safe for the kids!

Pull it out: Yes we are talking about plugs here. Leaving your TV on standby all night is almost as costly as leaving it switched on. Appliances use up as much as 90% of electricity when on standby as compared to when they are being used. Statistically speaking, up to 10% of total residential electricity is wasted by leaving appliances such as computers on standby. And 10% is a huge figure! Unplugging electric appliances is the easiest way to save on electric energy.

Look up other providers: Some states have several electricity companies in operation. If your state is one of them, it makes sense to check out who offers the best rates for your energy needs. You could be save on electric bills anywhere between 4 percent and 14 percent by choosing the right provider. What’s better is that some providers make use of renewable or alternative energy. This is also good for the planet. What you need to be careful about here is that providers will ask you to sign a contract for a long term commitment. By any chance, should you want to opt out of it earlier than planned, you could end up paying a nasty sum of money.

Electricity is a major expense in every household. Actually, it is only second to food. We end up paying thousands of dollars extra dollars every year due to wastage of electricity. Should that money be saved, you could surely have an extra family holiday every year or at least every two years. By putting these guidelines into practice, you will be surprised by how much you can save on electric bills.