Do It Yourself Solar Panels

When buying a solar panel many people get caught up in whether they should buy an already built solar panel or a do it yourself solar panels kit. Thousands of people are shifting over to greener and cleaner sources of electricity nowadays. But why you ask? Why should you opt for producing your very own electricity when you’re already getting it from the power company?

That question is the main reason I’m writing this article, to inform all those people out there about the potential harm that they are causing to the atmosphere with their continued reliance on electricity supplied by the power companies. Why they continue to use the power company’s costly electricity, when they can easily produce electricity on their own is beyond me.

Solar panels are one of the most popular forms of producing electricity right now; solar panels ensure that your house is supplied with free, environmentally friendly electricity all through the year. But how is that possible you ask, how can something produce electricity out of thin air? It’s actually light, when talking about solar panels.

According to various studies conducted over the years by NASA, it has been proven that the Sun provides the earth with almost 174 Petawatts of energy every single day (a single Petawatt equals to 1 million Gigawatts). That’s more than enough to power the whole world! Now when I heard this fact, I was as stunned as you may be right now. All that potentially useful energy going to waste, that’s when I decided to enter into the world of alternative energy or more specifically solar panels.

Now I first though about buying an already built solar panel, so I went to my nearest solar power item store and browsed the various solar panels on offer. The guy showing me the solar panels went on about how much money they are going to save me and stuff like that and at the end of his little speck gave me the slip which had $3000 printed on it! $3000! Yikes! I mean I had heard from a few people that solar panels were expensive but simply put I dint have $3000 on me.

So dejected I went home and started surfing the net at random. That’s when a banner on a website caught my eye. It was about some product called HomeMadeEnergy, which claimed that it would provide me with a do it yourself solar panels kit, through which I could make my very own solar panel which will only cost me $200! Now that really got my attention. So I searched the internet and found nothing but glowing reviews for this product and decided to give it a shot, the product only cost something around 50 bucks, which isn’t much when you consider that I almost paid $3000 for a solar panel.

Now there’s something I’d like to tell you people right now, I’ve never really been the do it yourself kind of guy. Even as a kid I was pretty much hopeless, when my dad used to ask me help him piece together a bike for my little brother. So I was a bit apprehensive about using a do it yourself solar panels kit.

But once I got my hand on the HomeMadeEnergy DIY solar panels guide, I was able to build my very own solar panel in a matter of hours. That’s right, a klutz like me built a whole solar panel, all by myself! Thanks largely in part to the comprehensive directions that the HomeMadeEnergy do it yourself solars panel kit provided me.

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