Build Your Own Solar Panel


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Unless you are a rocket scientist, you must be wondering how you can go about building your own solar panels. This is where build your own solar panel guides such as Earth4Energy come in. ok so what are they?

When you want to build your own solar panel, you want something that will guide you. Something that will explain the whole procedure bit by bit. Something that will be free of technical language and full of easy to read English. This is just what Earth4Energy is about.

Building solar panels at home might seem like a mountain of a technical task but this certainly isn’t the case with a professionally written guide in your hand. Why am I praising Earth4Energy so much? Because I am an ordinary person just like you with an average IQ. When I used this guide, I managed to build solar panels on my own and this is an achievement that has made me love this guide.

When you want to build your own solar panel, the first task is to purchase the required materials. These can be found easily at a local hardware store for a total cost of $200. This is about one sixth of what you would pay had you decided to purchase ready made panels.

The next step is to go step by step with the instructions mentioned in the guide. Do exactly as said. When stuck, refer to the diagrams to help you out. When starting to build your own solar panel, you want to follow each set of instructions clearly from the word go. This guarantees you optimal results.

With a basic set of tools such as pliers, hammer and drilling machine, you will not only be able to build your own solar panel, but you will also be able install it easily by using the Earth4energy guide. Incase you are totally technologically challenged, seek the help of a neighbor or a friend. I have actually watched a group of three children build their own solar panels!

Once you are done building, the next step is finding the right place to install them. Ideally, the place with maximum, undisturbed exposure to sunlight is the spot you want to sit your solar panels on. Your roof top and balcony are your best choices. If there are trees around, place your solar panels in such a way so that they receive little or no shade at all.

Build your own solar panel certainly shouldn’t be a solo exercise. Involve the kids and friends. You will be surprised by how much a fun of an activity this will prove to be! It can take you about four hours or even a whole weekend if you are as slow as I am.

Generating electricity from solar panels does benefit your pocket. Not to forget, it also benefits the planet but cutting out potential carbon emissions. What’s better is that when you build your own solar panel, you save even more money. Pick a perfect guide and get started!


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