Why Solar Panels - Though Question?

 In this dissertation, we answer the question, ‘why solar panels?’

Our planet has an abundant amount of energy.  We dig out coal for energy, we install turbines on fast flowing rivers to generate electricity, we mine out uranium to produce energy through radioactivity and there are so many other sources that we can utilize. Another energy source that we have recently learnt to tap into is the sun. Yes, the sun too is a large store of energy showering terawatts of power every single day onto planet Earth. Sadly we haven’t made any practical use of it for all the centuries that have gone by. But hey, remember the saying ‘better late than never’?

Going back to the question of why solar panels, it is these solar panels that we use to convert the radiation from the sun into electricity. Sure does seem magical, doesn’t it?

When light hits the surface of these panels, it sends a current through the attached wires. These wires bring the current to an inverter which converts alternating current into direct current so that our home appliances can make use of it. This technical bit was for those inquisitive minds that wanted to know how the ‘magical’ process works.

Back to the topic of why solar panels, they generate free electricity from the sun, helping us save tons of cash year after year. It is common for households that make use of solar panels to slash up to 80 percent of their electricity bills. The twenty percent they pay is for using electricity at night as you might already know that solar panels do not work at night. Even though this is the case, many people have successfully managed to live completely off grid! How? They use batteries to store energy that is generated during the day to be used at night. Well, the goodness of solar panels just doesn’t stop here. You can actually go ahead and sell the excess electricity back to your power company and they will happily pay you for it!

Another reason as to why solar panels should be used is that they produce electricity without polluting our environment. A large number of power stations burn coal to generate electricity. With global warming gaining serious momentum, it is high time that we did something about it. Not only should you live on solar panels, but you should also advice your friends and family to do the same. In order to begin a wide spread effort to save the planet, we need to start from the grass root level. Get solar panels for yourself first and then encourage others to also generate their own electricity using this very clean method.

When you go out to the market to buy solar panels, their cost is sure deter anyone from making the shift to generating their own electricity. Since solar panels are still a new concept to the masses, it is priced heavily. Besides, the ‘big guys’ also encourage high pricing so that they don’t lose their profits from electricity companies don’t shrink. Solar panels are pretty much a one time investment; once you have them installed, you kiss your electricity bills goodbye for the next 10 to 15 years!

In order to escape the highly priced solar panels readily available, a smart alternative would be to build your own solar panels. And you certainly don’t have to be Einstein to do so!

I have managed to find some easy-to-read, step by step, practical guides to help you put together your own solar panels. In doing so, you will save up to 65% as compared to buying read made ones. Check out the following guides some users have reviewed;

These guides are especially beneficial to all the technologically challenged people reading this article. With clearly drawn pictures to aid your understanding, you are sure to find it very easy to build your own solar panels. Of course, you shouldn’t limit yourself to my suggestions. Look up the internet for the plethora of information already available. Have fun!