How To Save on Electricity

Introduction: This ‘how to save electricity’ article highlights a handful of ways to save electricity in your home so as to slash electricity bills.

If there is one thing we can predict to almost 100 percent certainty, it is that electricity prices will go up next year, if not this year. Think about it. Even if you lead the same life style as you did a couple of years ago, why is there such a drastic difference in your electricity bills. Pull out your electricity bill of 2007 and compare it to this year’s. The 2 percent and 4 percent rise per kilowatt that we tend to ignore should now be quite visible on your current bill.

Ok, yes we have a problem at hand. What can you do about it? Unless you are Donald Trump or Bill Gates or some oil tycoon from Saudi Arabia, you want to look for ways that answer the how to save electricity question. And hey guess what? You have found the right place to seek help. Instead of making you feel less fortunate by mentioning big names, let us get started with how to save electricity;

Alright. My apologies for wanting to stick another point here before starting with the list. Prior to implementing the changes highlighted in the tips below, I would suggest that you get an electricity usage monitor; it will tell you exactly how much electricity you currently consume. This will help us to measure the result of using my advice when you finally put it into use. Ok so here we go;

When using a microwave to heat or cook something, place the dish as close to the corner of the revolving plate as possible. Microwaves lose energy as they travel from the corner to the center. By placing your mug of coffee near the edge, you minimize this loss of energy hence it will heat up faster.

Replace your older washing machine with a new one immediately. The new ones that make use of improved technology consume ten percent the energy of the older models. Before your next wash, rush to the electric appliances store. Make sure you purchase the front loading model. It also saves you water.

Throw out the traditional bulbs and install CFL energy saving bulbs. CFL bulbs use 25% of the energy that incandescent bulbs use to produce the same degree of brightness. Besides CFL bulbs also last a lot longer than the traditional bulbs. This replacement alone will cut down your bill by 7 percent!

When cooking something in the oven, do open its door to check on the food. A lot of heat escapes every time you do so. Instead switch on the internal light of the oven. The constant opening and closing also affects the taste of your food. So don’t do it!

Oh oh oh! Wait! I am sorry about the interruption but I just remembered something that certainly deserves a mention here. Since we are trying to save money here, why don’t we also try out a magnetic generator? By installing one in your house, you could save as much as 80 percent on your electricity bills! The bad news is that, it is rare to find a readily built one since the ‘big guys’ are against it as they will lose money when you start saving. You will have to build one yourself if you really want to experience cost savings. Magniwork, as my neighbor tells me, is a very simple easy to follow guide to build your own magnetic generator. I was very surprised when he told me that his children built one up without much help!

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