Free Electric Energy - huh?


Introduction: In this article, we will explore whether free electric energy is a dream or a reality.

Are you perturbed about the perpetually escalating energy costs? If you have been an avid reader of newspapers and science journals, then you would know that energy supplies have begun to see a decline. From a business point of view, as these supplies fall further and demand continues to rise, you can expect to see oil at $300 a barrel (yes $300 a barrel) within the coming ten years. The worst part is that YOU the consumer will have to pay for these hefty costs.

Knowing what is coming ahead, shouldn’t you prepare yourself? How does the idea of FREE ELECTRIC ENERGY sound to you at this moment? Heavenly? Unbelievable? Well guess what? The much suppressed idea of generating free electric energy has now surfaced. Hence it is now possible for all of to produce electricity on our own.

Ordinarily, there are two ways that every house on this planet can generate electricity to sustain their energy needs. One is solar energy and the other is wind energy. Let us look at each of these free electric energy sources individually;

Solar Energy

Solar energy is, obviously, energy we get from the sun. With over 8 hours sunlight, on average, every single day, generating electricity is a real possibility. Just how can you convert sunlight into electricity? With the blessing of solar panels. Solar panels are readily available in the market. Alternatively, you can build your own and save a chunk of cash using the free electric energy generation guides available on this website.

Solar panels are placed on the roof (or anywhere else where there is direct exposure to sunlight) and when a ray of light hits its surface, it kick starts a technical procedure where an electron is separated from a nucleus. (We will not discuss this in depth for the sake of newbies)This procedure occurs as long as there is sunlight hence electricity for you. And what happens when the sun goes down? Thanks to the batteries attached to these solar panels, your house can now be supported on stored electricity for a good number of hours. Of course, if you use bigger solar panels, the batteries will certainly run for a longer amount of time at night.

Wind Energy

You can also use the wind to generate free electric energy. When wind gushed through the turbine, it creates a turning effect. It is this effect that helps in the generation of electricity.

Wind turbines are readily available in the market; the price of which varies according to size. In order to cover up for the research and development costs, companies charge hefty prices for these devices. A clever thing to do here is piece together your own wind turbine. Again, my wide collection of free electric energy books will guide you, with baby steps, how you can build your own wind turbine. Raw materials are generally available from local hardware stores incase you do consider this option.

Now here is the best part; you can use solar panels and wind turbines concurrently to generate even a bigger amount of free electric energy. That means, not only can you fully support your house, you can now also sell the extra energy back to your power company! A nice side income, isn’t it?

The coming energy crisis is inevitable. If you are to take action, the time is NOW!