HomeMade Solar Energy

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Now that we know just how solar energy is manufactured, we’ll work on answering a few of the most general inquiries that people make about their homemade solar energy.

Do Solar Panels Store Energy?

Now that is the most general misconception that most people have about their solar panels. They think that solar panels would store up energy during the day and then they can use the energy whenever they want too. That’s not exactly the case here, solar panels just produce energy not store them, but there’s no need to worry, you can buy some inexpensive batteries to store your spare energy in instead.

Does my homemade solar energy system really need the sun’s heat in order to produce electricity?

Now that’s another common question that most people ask, the answer surprisingly is yes, you can produce electricity through solar panels, even if there isn’t a lot of bright sunshine around. What most people don’t understand is that generating electricity from solar panels does not have anything to do with heat or cold. Instead they make use of light to produce electricity. So even though the weather in your city may be a bit overcast, you can still produce electricity although not the same amount that you would produce during a bright and sunny day.

Would my homemade solar energy system require a lot of maintenance?

Most people tend to think that such homemade solar energy options require a lot of maintenance; I would like to say once and for all that is absolutely UNTRUE! Solar panels are actually more durable than the other alternative energy options out there. Keep in mind that unlike other options out there solar panels have no moving parts. So there’s no issue of wear and tear. Also there’s no need to worry about water damage to your solar panels or snow for that matter too. If snow does accumulate on you solar panel than all you need to do is brush off the snow and your homemade solar energy system will restart producing electricity again. All you actually need to do is regularly clean the plugs that are connected to your inverter or batteries, so that dirt does not accumulate in them.

I myself have been using a homemade solar energy system for something like 4 months now and am absolutely ecstatic with the results that I’ve gotten. I was able to reduce my electricity bills by around 60%! With only $150 as an investment I have saved almost quadruple that amount. How you ask? Well with the help of an ingenious little solar energy guide called GreenDIYEnergy. I read a lot about it on the internet and heard a few of my friends speak very favorably about it and decided to try it myself. It taught me how to build my very own solar panel. The thing that I loved about GreenDIYEnergy was the video tutorials that came with the package. No matter how well explained a book is, seeing it on video can give you a more accurate representation of just how the system works

I’m glad I made the foray into homemade solar energy systems, now I know that I’m doing my bid in trying to keep this beautiful planet a safe place to live in for the generations to come. Now I can watch television guilt free.