Why Generating Free Energy

Before we go into why generating free energy is beneficial, do you think generating free energy is at all possible? Thanks to all those scientist out there who have spent a countless number of days and sleepless nights researching in their labs, generating free energy is now a sweet reality. Shocked? Baffled?

The dream of generating free energy was brought to realization at least six decades ago. What slowed its development down to a snail’s pace was the pressure from the big guys; owners of oil cartels for example. And they did not care about your potential gains or my potential gains from generating free electricity, they cared about their own pockets that certainly would have gone empty had this possibility not been kept a secret.

There are three ways you can generate your own electricity; through radiation from the sun, through moving air (wind) and using the magical effect of magnetism. Prior to discussing the methodology of getting energy from these sources, let’s shed some light on why generating free energy is beneficial.

Money is Saved

This is the most obvious and perhaps the most prominent benefit that you can derive from generating your own energy. Unless you are a billionaire, you will have noticed that energy costs have escalated. Escalated to heights that have made life harder than it already is.

Instead of spending thousands of dollars a year on electricity bills, you can now save that money or use it for other purposes; take a holiday for example! There are so many other things you can do with at least a couple of thousand dollars in savings.

This is one reason why generating free energy can help you and the family.

Helps control Global Warming

Global warming is the increase in the earth’s average temperature. One of its most obvious effects has been the rapid melting of polar ice caps. This alone poses problems for every nation in the world. Should all the ice caps melt, the increase in water levels is sure to lead to a world wide flooding. Hundreds and thousands of kilometers of land will be submerged underwater.

Just how can we prevent this from happening? By cutting down carbon emissions. When coal is burnt at power stations to produce electricity, tons of carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere. By generating energy from our homes using clean sources of energy such as the sun, wind and magnetism, we actually help save the planet.

Hinder Development of Secondary Problems

The two primary benefits, that answer the question of why generating free energy is beneficial, also help to put a stop to the progression of secondary problems. Secondary problems are sort of like the domino effect.

For example, when you save money from generating your own electricity, you could use it to pay off mortgage. Do you see the connection?

Also when we cut down our carbon footprints, we are indirectly preventing the extinction of polar bears. With a large percentage of ice caps having melted, these animals are left with no place to live. At least we can save the remaining polar bears by controlling global warming.

Now that we know why generating free energy must be pursued, let us find out on the next page how you can generate your own electricity.