HomeMade Energy Review  

Reviewer: Nancy Curtis
Rating:5 stars
Guide Reviewed: HomeMade Energy

Homemade energy - click hereThere are some things in life that do by default; for example taking that very road to work every day when you do have the choice of taking an alternate route, using that very formula to solve a specific type of math question when there are other formulas available and paying for electricity when we can generate our own electricity. Yes that’s right. You can generate your own electricity. I also did not believe it until I tried it myself. And here I am reviewing a product that I never thought would work: HomeMade Energy!

HomeMade Energy is an information-loaded guide that helps in generating electricity at home, free of cost. It is a simple manual that will teach you how to tap into the powerful reservoirs of energy present in nature; the sun and wind.

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Solar energy is the energy we get from the sun. By using HomeMade Energy, I was able to build solar panels to help me convert solar energy into electricity. To be honest, I must have done less than half the work; my neighbors kids (Mary, 12, and Marco 15) carried out almost all of the reading and the required assembly. I was literally limited to supplying tools to these two kids, approximately a quarter of my age! Are these children geniuses or are the instructions too clear cut in the manual? I think the latter J

Reading through HomeMade Energy guide, this is what my team (the neighbor’s kids and I) learnt about this product;

  • The instructions have been laid down in baby steps so that they are easy to follow

  • The illustrations were critically drawn to aid in understanding the already simple instructions

  • The information given is quite applicable - I mean we managed to successfully build 3 solar panels!

  • There was no use of technical terms whatsoever – the author in my opinion was very understanding of the ‘average Joe’s’ limited understanding of technical jargon.

Don't pay ... but get paid!

After two months of living on solar energy, the panels have brought a drastic change to the way money flew out of my emaciated wallet. First, I have completely eliminated my electricity bills – I virtually live off grid now! But I did not make the mistake of disconnecting my house from the grid. Instead, with the excess electricity produced by the solar panels, my meter runs the other way round. I no longer pay the electricity company, they pay me! A nice little income, isn’t it?

Apart from solar panels, HomeMade Energy also teaches us how to build a wind turbine. This we will build in the coming week. I have promised the kids a lunch at their favorite restaurant in return for the help they will be giving me. I am getting a wind turbine built not because I need more electricity in the house, but because I will be getting extra money from the power company for the increased amount of electricity I will be providing them with. In these tough times, I am looking to earn money from wherever possible and HomeMade Energy is certainly helping me do that!

Homemade energy - get it now

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