Save On Electricity - How To Save On Electric Bills

introduction: This article discusses several ways to save on electricity. By doing so, you ultimately save on electric bills. Have a good read!

When you forego a family road trip for a stay at home holiday trying to save money, you certainly won’t be making any significant progress if the air conditioner is going to be run at 16 degrees Celsius all summer long!

In spite of no concrete rise in oil and commodity price tags due to the economy still down on its knees, prices for electric energy utilized at home are forecast to shoot up by 4.7% in the current year as compared to the previous year. And worse, another spike of 3.3% is being expected in the next year. Isn’t it high time that you learnt how to save on electricity? When you save on electricity, not only do you save money, but you also minimize carbon emissions! (The more electricity you use, the more coal is burnt at power stations resulting in an increased amount of carbon dioxide being emitted into the atmosphere.

Here is a compilation of guidelines to follow so that even if electricity prices rise, your bill isn’t affected.

Get Your Equipment is Shape

Organize an HVAC inspection: It is important to check up on the ventilation, air conditioning and heating system of your house to ensure that they are performing at their optimal. In order to do so, you need to get hold of a professional technician. A leakage can amount to up to 20% energy loss, severely draining your wallet. Hiring a technician will cost you about a hundred dollars but it will help you save on electricity worth thousands of dollars every year.

Be critical of size: The next time you go out to shop for something, be careful of the size you choose. For example if you are to buy an AC, should you buy a 1.5 ton AC or a 2 ton AC? Let your need judge what size is better. Buying the bigger one for a small room will give you the same output as a smaller one, but it will surely consume more energy.

Get rid of Dirt: From air conditioners to light bulbs to plugs to sockets, keep them all free of dirt. Changing the air filter will allow uninterrupted air flow hence less energy spent.

As a result of owning an energy efficient home, you will be able to save on electricity and additionally benefit from tax credits.

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